Features & Tools for Small Business Accounting


ACCMASTER online makes Books keeping easy and secured.

“Security of data from its storage to transmission, data encryption, password protection makes it fully secure which is foremost for any accounting software.” - Mark Anthony (Project Manager)

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Application Features
  • Requires no Installations.
  • Browser Independent
  • 24 Hrs. Free Support
  • Password Protected
  • Multiuser Environment
  • Secured
  • Auto Backup Facility
  • Free from Database / System crashes
  • Saves a lot of organizational precious investment on disaster mgmt.
  • Location independent
Organizational Highlights
  • Accounting
  • Costing and Controlling
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Procurement
  • HR management
  • Legal Issues like SALES TAX, VAT etc.
  • Reports related to all the above define modules
Industry Specific Solution include
  • Manufacturing
  • IP law firms
  • Automobile Trading (NEW / USED)
  • Designer Boutique
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Travels and Tours.
  • Supply Chain Management POS (FMCG)

Time Saving

With ACCMASTER online you can concentrate more on business activity and less on accounting. It streamlines and automates all time consuming activities like creating invoices, estimates, reports during business hours and can help you working on such activities in your free time form anywhere.

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“The main feature of this system is it is platform independent, can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, any system any operating system, any browser and any device.” – John (Customer)


One application multi location

Online access
You can access AccMaster at anytime from anywhere. All your precious data is stored safely and secured online. AccMaster is browser, operating system, and device independent.
You can collaborate with other users on different locations in real time and work anywhere without ever having to sync data between devices.

Mobile Access
With mobile version you can access important transactions; reports of your precious data from any web enabled devices line IPhone, Black Berry, Android, IPad, Playbook, Tablets irrelevant to their Operating system.
With mobile version you can grant access to your teams on road to perform real time sales activities like acquiring sales orders, update order fulfillment on a click of button.
Mobile receivable management helps the recovery agent to update the receipt of payments